Weather Text Alerts

Weather Text Alerts


SWGA Weather Inc is offering our registered users the “SMS” Cell Phone Text Messaging – Email Alerts. Please complete the area below, and hit the submit button. If there is a severe weather event in your area, you will receive a brief and simple text or email prior to the event. Be complete in the information fields below. SWGA Weather Inc will include you in a response system in an early warning status.

This “sign up” for service by SWGA Weather Inc is only for severe weather that will be in your designated area. SWGA Weather Inc is monitored 24/7 by experienced personnel. Many detailed models are used to determine the possibility of a severe event. Your receiving a text in the pre-arrival of an event could be the extra time you may need to prepare your family and personal arrangements. Don’t wait for the news stories after the fact, sign up today.

This service is for emergency warnings only. No regular text messages or emails are distributed by SWGA Weather Inc. Not all carriers support SMS messaging. If this is the case, your email address should be requested in the comments part of sign-up form. Our systems efficiency, development and improvement will continue to be the cutting edge in early warning of a multitude of severe events. Sign up by completing the information HERE.

By entering your cell phone/email you are requesting “Text Alerts” for severe weather warnings that are issued by the National Weather Service for your area. Your contact information is solely for this use. You may inquire and register by clicking the Contact Us link on this web site. See our Terms and Conditions for details of service. Your cell phone number and email will only be used for providing this service. No exceptions.

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