About Us

SWGA Weather, also known as South Georgia Skywarn Spotters, is a community weather organization that seeks to deliver consistent, timely and accurate weather information, as well as to inform, engage, enlighten and educate the people of Southwest Georgia in reference to severe weather events. SWGA Weather is southwest Georgia’s Weather Authority with Storm Tracker HD.

Our Mission is to provide Southwest Georgian’s with accurate weather information by informing, engaging, enlightening, educating, and promoting through awareness and preparedness programs. We can accomplish this by reaching out to all segments of the community of Southwest Georgia, creating partnerships with local businesses through the communities. As a partner organization with the National Weather Service through the NOAA Weather Ready Nation Ambassador Program it is our continued mission to pass along any and all advisories, watches, and warnings issued. Finally, it is our duty and responsibility to provide education to the general public to become a more weather ready nation.

SWGA Weather provides observational meteorological data for the following organizations & websites:

      – AWEKAS

      – Anything Weather

      – CWOP

      – PWSweather

      – Weather Underground

Our team is available to answer any questions that you may have during the week. Below you will find our hours of operation. However, during severe weather events we operate 24/7 until the threat of severe weather is over and out of the area. We encourage the public to give us a call and/or visit our social media accounts. Give us a follow by selecting the links in the above right hand corner of this page. Share with your family and friends. You can help us reach as many people as possible during severe weather events.